Travel with your own private Thai tour guide and enjoy a customized sightseeing tour suited to your personal tastes.



From as little as US$90 a day you can have fully licensed English speaking Thai tour guide at your side to explain, translate and help you understand what you are seeing and hearing during your stay.


Carol S. reviews ‘Swai’ Hapoo-riwat


This review was originally posted on Get Your Guide

This has to be one of the easiest 5 star ratings that I’ve given because I literally can’t praise our tour guide Swai highly enough. I wish there were more stars to give!

Swai met us at our hotel and we had a brief chat about what we’d like/wouldn’t like to do on our tour. We opted to Travel by public transport which was great and an experience in it’s self. We went to the Grand Palace and Swai took time to explain the site and tell us about Thai History and culture. He was so informative and insightful and a joy to be around. We also saw some local markets and took a water taxi across the river and then a canal tour.

After the canal tour we stopped at Wat Arun then back over the river to Wat Pho and then for a walk around China town. We then went for a wonderful Thai meal and Swai recommended wonderful dishes. We then climbed the Golden Mount and wondered around for a while.

Swai made us feel so welcome and comfortable in a big City, he was extremely caring, making sure we had enough water and were staying out of the sun where we could. We’ve learnt so much from him, and can’t recommend him and this company enough.

Mark M. reviews Sarayoot ‘Keng’ Preechaphuet


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This was exactly what I was looking for. My tour guide was Keng and I really enjoyed him. My request was very specific; I wanted a male tour guide well versed in Buddhist symbolisms and architecture to tour 3 specific temples and help me understand what I was seeing.

Keng was a great fit. His English was excellent. He took the time to help me understand what I was seeing. He explained the economic and political aspects of the temples and shrines. He helped me understand the meanings behind the architecture of the specific shrines. He was personal and knowledgable and a very nice guy.

I was able to see exactly what I wanted to see and nothing that I didn’t care about. My favorite moment was sitting in the main temple at Wat Arun quietly and having Keng explain to me what I was seeing. Why was Buddha’s hands the way they were? What were those paintings? What are the smaller statues?

It was a very personal moment where someone was sharing the details of their religion to someone else in a beautiful setting. There was so much that I saw that I would not have understood or even noticed had I not been with a guide. The fact that I could personalize this tour with the places and the IDEAS that I wanted to understand further really made the experience for me.

This is why I chose this tour company, and they delivered exactly what I was looking for.

John A. reviews Trin ‘Dew’ Nakprasert


This review was published on Viator

The title says it all – we booked through the website a few weeks in advance and the response was quick and very easy to get our two days arranged. The communication was great and I really had no questions because they explain everything so well.

The best part is that there is no stress – you tell them what you would like to see and they put it all together, and you spend as much time or little time as you want, at each destination.

‘Dew’ was our tour guide and she was fantastic! She gave us a wonderful balance of history, Thai culture, and modern living. Dew met us at our hotel and we got started right away, we had a busy two days planned and we would have never been able to see and do what we did without Dew!

We went on every form of transportation, small passageways, local places to eat, and air conditioned areas for breaks, lol. Even told us where to take the best pictures.

Dew was so patient with all of our questions and really knows her history. She made learning fun and her English was excellent! Thank you again for everything and making our trip memorable and run smoothly!

Andrew M. reviews ‘Swai’ Hapoo-riwat

Andrew S

This review was sent to us via Email

Very professional service from first email to last good bye. Our Gudie “Swai”, met us on time. We took a few minutes to plan our day, and we headed off. Swai was so knowledgeable (we later found out he was a teacher), that every turn revealed more of the city and country’s history.

We were fascinated, including two 20 year olds, not really what I would call history buffs. As it was a hot day, we continued to make little changes, and ended the day tired, but happy.
I couldn’t recommend Swai higher, he made this our second visit to Bangkok much more enjoyable.

PS, we opted for public transport during the tour, it helped us appreciate the Thai lifestyle that bit more. Yes a private car would have been more comfortable (cooler), but really enjoyed the bus and tuk tuks.

Molly M. reviews Wallop ‘Joke’ Kittiwititkun


This review was published on Viator

We highly recommend this tour. Do not try seeing the city or the temples on your own, you will miss out on so much.
Our guide Joker was friendly, knowledgeable, flexible, prepared, intelligent, thoughtful, fun, and an expert when it came to Thai cooking and way of life. He made the complex history of Bangkok very easy to understand, and he made us want to learn more.

Joker pushed us to try new things and to fully respect the customs and history of Bangkok. He made sure that we were appropriately dressed and appeared respectful when entering temples. He taught us a few Thai phrases and how to interact with vendors, monks, and fellow citizens of Bangkok.

We learned and experienced so much in a short amount of time. Joker was a lot fun and interesting in learning from us as well. His love for Thailand and the city of Bangkok was very easy to see.

His passion for spicy Thai food was contagious and pushed us to enjoy and experience as much as we could while in the country. The smile and laugh of the Thai people is genuine and he showed us how much this country has to offer.

Roger H. reviews ‘Swai’ Hapoo-riwat


This review originally posted on Viator

We have been to Bangkok and other parts of Thailand a number of times but have not done the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and the other big tourist sites. But we wanted to go off the beaten track a bit too- to some local markets, temples, etc.

We booked our guide Swai through YourThaiGuide and it was a really good way to see the city.

Swai was great. He was an expert on Thai history, sensitive to what we were looking for, great sense of humour and excellent English. We started early at Grand Palace but already it was teeming with tourists, putting their hands all over precious gilded statues.

Swai took us to the main attractions but also to the “Crown Jewels” and the exhibit of Queen Sirikits outfits for Royal visits abroad.

Then we went to Thonburi side and visited local market and temples, then flower market,vegetables market and Chinatown markets, both food and lots of colourful plastic ‘junk’.

Traveled by taxi and ferry. Had a great lunch by the river. This is an excellent way to spend the day, and Swai was great.

Joe T. reviews Wallop ‘Joke’ Kittiwititkun


This review was published on Get Your Guide

We spent 2 full days in Bangkok (and it’s surroundings) with our guide, Joke. From day one, when we tried to book a guide (with a driver and a car), the staff at YTG were very responsive and helpful. Our email communication was very quick and we nailed down all the landmarks we must visit months before our arrival (Thank you, Chris & Natt).

We gave them a deposit via PayPal after we finalized our itinerary and settled the rest once the tour ended. However, they are also very flexible if you want to tweak your schedule later on.

On our first day of excursion, Joke took us to the Flower Market, Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Chathuchak Weekend Market, The River and Canal Tour (via private boat) and we ended our day by visiting Thip Samai for dinner (a famous Pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok-delicious!).

The day after, we left the city and visited the Train Market, Damnoen Saduak (The original floating market), a palm sugar plantation, an elephant park and a Tiger Zoo (highly recommended).

Joke was more like a historian as he explained everything so thoroughly as we walked through all the different sites. He was also very entertaining and funny. He carried his tablet around and took pictures along the way so we did not have to keep taking pictures from our cameras. We really appreciated that since we were able to fully enjoy the experience.

He emailed all the pictures to us before we left Bangkok for Krabi; those photos are just absolutely brilliant. We really enjoyed our short visit in Bangkok and we were beyond thrilled and happy with the service YTG provided on both days. it did not feel rushed and It was also very reasonable given that it was a private tour for 2 adults including a comfy oversized air-conditioned minivan and a driver.

We did not have to wait in line to enter any of the sites. The driver also made sure that we had cold towels and cold bottled water after each site visit. We highly recommend these guys for your trip to explore Bangkok. You will not be disappointed!

Tao T. reviews Pudtipong ‘Jean’ Nawasornyuttana


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One of the best tours we’ve ever taken. Our guide Jean custom tailored our entire day for us we got to see the grand Palace, Wat Pho, took an amazing long boat cruise, had fantastic street food at the floating market (completely safe & clean) and ended the tour in Chinatown.

Best part of the trip: we adapted the tour every step we took and changed our itinerary based on everyone’s moods.

Highly, highly recommended and a great bargain.

Paul S. reviews Sarayoot ‘Keng’ Preechaphuet


This review was published on Get Your Guide

With only one full day in Bangkok as part of our honeymoon before flying off to Koh Samui, we were keen to get the most out of our limited time in this huge city.

Having been referred to this company by a colleague, I checked the reviews and their website and based on the excellent ratings, I went ahead and booked. Using their handy website, I was able to come up with a draft itinerary for the day, reassured that we could adjust it as we went along.

On the day before our tour, upon seeing at the hotel we were staying in, we had a letter from our guide Keng confirming he would meet us in the hotel lobby and providing some dress advice for us based on the restrictions at some of the temples we were going to visit, this was a good start.

On the day, we met Keng and he was excellent, providing insight and history to the places we visited. He made us feel comfortable in his company and gave us the opportunity to try various means of transport, using taxis, tuk tuks and the underground train line. We went to a great coffee shop for refreshment and on our canal boat tour, he stopped to get bread so we could feed the huge fishes, which was a real highlight. The lunch stop was great too, being a good value favourite of his.

Overall a fantastic day out and one we will never forget, made so much more interesting because we had such an excellent guide!

Nicole K. reviews Trin ‘Dew’ Nakprasert


This review was published on Viator

We want to thank our guide Dew, she was amazing! I Visited Thailand with a friend, we had only 1 full day in Bangkok and decided to book a private tour. Communication with the tour coordinator before we arrived in Bangkok was really easy and prompt.

We confirmed everything via email, and even sent along our own itinerary of places we wanted to see, and they created a full day tour for us based off our list. Dew our guide gave us an incredible full day of site seeing. She was so nice, knowledgeable and truly made our brief stop in Bangkok a day that we will remember forever. Dew met us at our hotel at the arranged meeting time, she had arranged for a private van to take us to our first stop and every stop after, even drop us back off at our hotel at the end of the day.

We practiced our Thai on the way to the Train market, and she gave us some great tips on the local customs and culture. After visiting the Train Market, we went to the Floating Market, very busy but a must see and probably our favorite part of the day. Dew knew I enjoyed art and am an artist myself so took us to place to see hand painted ceramics.

We go to tour the workshop and see pottery being painted in person. It was a really nice special addition to the day. We visited the Flower Market for lunch and finished the day visiting one of the many temples.

The day was very long, we started at 7am and got back to our hotel around 6pm It was a full day, we felt like we saw several days worth of Bangkok in 1 day. I would highly recommend booking a full day tour with Your Thai Guide (ask for Dew), it gives you insight into a part of Bangkok you may not discover on your own.

Jane B. reviews Chris Varanon


This review was published on Viator

A traveler NEEDS a guide like Chris in Bangkok. This is a massively congested and complex city; a guide is necessary to get you to its treasures without getting trapped in traffic or lame tourist traps like Asiatique.

We were attending an Indian wedding and had very limited time to explore Bangkok. Time was at a premium, and the pressure was on Chris to pack a LOT of experience with a minimum of the usual dreary tourist business of waiting and frustration.

Chris delivered.

We learned a tremendous amount about Thai culture at our own pace; she knew when to talk and when to let us absorb what we were seeing. Chris expertly navigated water taxis, tuk tuks, got us past huge lines at temples, led us to tiny hole in the- wall restaurants which were SUPERB… while our friends made do with wedding guest tours.

They were hot and bored and mired in traffic for hours while we zipped through a private canal tour on our own teak boat, changing our itinerary at a moment’s notice.

We got to see glimpses of the real Bangkok beyond the sanitized precinct of our hotel.
It was wonderful, and simply not possible without our guide.

The fees are worth it. Don’t take on Bangkok without an efficient and passionate guide like Chris.

Stefanie M. reviews Trin ‘Dew’ Nakprasert


This review was published on Get Your Guide

We had a wonderful day touring the temples and palaces of Bangkok led by our tour guide Dew! We took several types of public transportation to get around and Dew took us to some great local spots for lunch and afternoon tea.

Dew was fantastic at telling us all about the history of the temples and different things about Bangkok and Thailand. If we had not had a tour guide, I feel like we would have just looked at the gorgeous buildings and wandered the city without really learning about the history and culture of the place.

Would definitely recommend! Very reasonably priced.

Andrew W. reviews Sarayoot ‘Keng’ Preechaphuet


This review was published on Get Your Guide

Our guide Keng was absolutely outstanding in making us feel welcomed into his country and showing us around his town. He has a good idea of places where travelers would like to unwind, and also where we can head off the ‘beaten track’ even in Bangkok.

He showed us around the corners of Bangkok where he grew up, which I thought was a really good touch. We traveled as a group of six in a really comfortable vehicle, and our ages were between 24 and 80.

At all points of our trip, Keng would accommodate our requests, make us laugh and his hospitality made the hot Bangkok weather that much cooler.

Emma M. reviews Wallop ‘Joke’ Kittiwititkun


This review was published on Get Your Guide

We really enjoyed the eight hours that we got together with our guide who called himself Joker. He was very professional and told us so much about Thailand, their culture, history and religion.

According to our wishes he had planned the day perfect so that we could see and visit all the things we wanted. We have nothing to complain about and we gladly recommend Wallop ‘Joker’ Kittiwititkun to anyone else traveling to Bangkok.

Ricardo J. reviews Pudtipong ‘Jean’ Nawasornyuttana


This review was published on Get Your Guide

I booked our private tour with Your Thai Guide using the website with few days in advance.

Speedy response and at the end of the day we loved our tour and Guide Jean. We spent 2 days with him visiting Bangkok main Wats and Palaces and the old capital.

Despite the heat we were well served.

Jean showed great knowledge and wiliness to explain every question we had.

Lisa P. reviews Chris Varanon


This review was published on TripAdvisor

We arrived in Bangkok on Monday and booked a two day tour with guide Chris. First day was touring three temples, Grand Palace, flower market, canal tour, and Chinatown. The second day was suppose to be Ayutthaya but my husband and I changed our minds because it was really far for us. Instead, we did the floating market, train market, elephant camp and feeding a small tiger.

Both days, Chris was on time and waiting for us in the lobby. She is very nice, speaks very good English, and is very sweet, considerate, and flexible. I am so happy we got an amazing host. We got to take the train, Tuk Tuk, taxi and boat all around the city.

During the tour, we changed our minds a few times and she was very flexible. I am so glad we got to see the train market and floating market instead of Ayutthaya. The van ride was approx. 1 hour, traffic was good. Van was air conditioned, very clean, and always had water stocked. The animals at the elephant camp didn’t looked drugged and ours didn’t have a chain around him The tiger place is a rescue place and the place looked very clean and animals looked like they were well taken care of. Chris did volunteer work for SPCA international and she said the animals here were taken care of better than most places in Thailand.

Both days we had to end our tour almost an hour early because my husband and I were so jet lagged , we wanted to go back to the hotel and rest for a few but we got to see so much and saw everything we wanted to see. My husband and I went at a faster pace as far as sightseeing and going place to place and Chris told us to take as much time as we need and she was our host so if we needed more time that she didn’t want us to feel rushed.

Reading different tours, I think they say this is slightly more expensive compared to other tours but it was worth every dollar! Or baht haha.

The communication prior to the tour was excellent and they were always prompt with replies and emails. Very professional

Thank you so much Chris!

Tab B. reviews ‘Swai’ Hapoo-riwat


This review was originally posed on Viator

Wonderful. Guide Swai took us around Bangkok and the Kwae bridge area to do elephant bathing. He took us to floating market and a market on the train tracks where the train was actually running.

I would hire him the next time I go to Bangkok and leave my wife and three children in his care while attending business meetings.

Absolutely a must for whatever you want to see or do in or around Bangkok.

Karen M. reviews Trin ‘Dew’ Nakprasert


This review was published on Viator

We spent a wonderful day with Guide Dew in Bangkok. Dew is very knowledgeable and fun to be with.

She took us to the Grand Palace, Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Flower Market, China Town, and a boat ride through the canals of Bangkok. My daughter is on a Gluten-Free diet and Dew helped us to order foods that my daughter could have.

In fact, we had an awesome gluten-free Thai meal at the market. Dew understands the dietary needs of Western travelers and makes sure to take her clients to restaurants that use bottled water to make ice, etc.

We highly recommend Dew and will use her again when we return to Bangkok.

Nichola S. reviews ‘Swai’ Hapoo-riwat


This review originally posted on Get Your Guide

We only had one full day in Bangkok and wanted to make the most of it, so we did a bit of research and found this company and our fabulous guide Swai. I’m so glad we did as we wouldn’t have got to do half the things we did with him if we were on our own.

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Swai and he was very knowledgeable, spoke great English and was so flexible with what we wanted to do, we changed our mind a lot as we were very tired after our travels and he was very accommodating. Great day to remember