Travel with your own private Thai tour guide and enjoy a customized sightseeing tour suited to your personal tastes.



From as little as US$90 a day you can have fully licensed English speaking Thai tour guide at your side to explain, translate and help you understand what you are seeing and hearing during your stay.


Linda M. reviews Natt Opasanon


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My full day excursion in Bangkok, Thailand, with Natt was arranged by one of the three friends with whom I was traveling in Southeast Asia by cruise ship and none of us was exactly sure about what we wanted to do when Natt met us at the bottom of the gangway that day… but Natt’s excellent command of English and her willingness to listen resulted in a fabulous day touring the Bangkok area.

Natt knows the where, when, and how of Bangkok and we experienced everything from the Folding Tent Market’s being interrupted by the morning train to a boat ride that had us feeding bananas to swimming monkeys and eating lunch at a restaurant on the ocean.

Natt is knowledgeable, personable, and adaptable, and her driver is extremely accommodating, all of which made for an amazingly memorable time!

I highly recommend Natt and definitely would engage her services if ever I were lucky enough to find myself in Bangkok again!

Jonathon D. reviews Pudtipong ‘Jean’ Nawasornyuttana


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Jean was great, we requested that after we do the usual tourist stuff to take us off the beaten path.

He took us to places and neighborhoods he goes by himself, but hasn’t taken any guests with him before.

We had a great time and wish we would have scheduled tour the first day in Bangkok!

Tony C. reviews Trin ‘Dew’ Nakprasert


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Booking with Your Thai Guide was wonderful experience and well worth the effort. We had a wonderful time with our guide Dew.

She showed us some back streets that we were excited to see.

She was very knowledgeable of the sites and the different way to get about town. I would love to book another day if we had the time.

Thank you Dew for a wonderful day.

Rebecca S. reviews Natt Opasanon


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I was looking for a tailor-made service that would essentially give me someone to visit Bangkok with as I was travelling alone and at the same time introduce me to the city.

Natt did this perfectly. After an initial email contact, a provisional itinerary was put together based on my interests. It was clear that they had considered the interests that I had expressed but were truly flexible and prepared to organise things as I wanted, including getting a suit made during my 2 day stay.

In this time, I saw the major tourist sites of BKK, had a 2hr massage, visit Chatuchak market and had a 3-piece suite made. Everything happened to time, without a hitch or stress.

Natt contacted me several times before I arrived to get things organised (the introductory photo was a nice touch) and I quickly felt that I was travelling with a new friend.

I would thoroughly recommend this company and when I go back to Thailand will be contacting them again.

Mark B. reviews Natt Opasanon


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What an awesome guide. Natt took care of all our arrangements. All we had to do was show up and enjoy the whole experience. Besides our itinerary, she took us to local food favorites and we got to experience the local cuisine.

We especially enjoyed the car ride. We had a very roomy full size van and we were treated like VIP’s by the driver providing us with water and wet towel after touring the sights. She took all the worries out of the trip.

Barbara G. reviews Pichit ‘Pete’ Saovana


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I used Your Tour Guide in Bangkok and was completely satisfied.

I made a wishlist of activities and Attractions and Pete came through with advice and taught me how to use the transportation systems as well as organizing the day very effectively.

I did everything, had fun, and gained confidence, Thanks! I highly recommend Pete. Pleasant, knowledgeable.


Fabian S. reviews ‘Swai’ Hapoo-riwat


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The guide is excellent! We liked it a lot.

The Guide has a deep understanding of Bangkok city and have guided us in an amazing experience.

Rami H. reviews Pichit ‘Pete’ Saovana


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Pete was great!  He had so much passion for the history of Bangkok and Ayutthaya!

He showed up on time at our hotel and always gave us the little history of the big sights.  He made us learn so much of the history.  He gave us time to roam around and even chatted with us in the car on the way up to Ayutthaya.

He also knows what and where to eat as the lunch with him was one of the best!

Lillie S. reviews Natt Opasanon


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My husband I decided to book a guide for our last day in Thailand in case there were last minute activities we weren’t able to do during our trip. Plus we were switching airports and wanted to make sure our bags would be minded during the day.

Great, great decision. We needed to finish up some shopping and Natt took us to places we never ever would have found without her. No tourist traps – just high end authentic goods for our families and cutting edge fashion for me! I couldn’t believe the deals we got on much better quality goods than we could ever find on our own. It never would have crossed my mind to hire a guide for shopping but boy are we glad we did. Plus Natt took us to an amazing lunch and kept us laughing the whole time. She is so smart and has an excellent command of the English language. She also runs an honest business and treats her staff very well.

I would recommend her 100%.

Martin E. reviews Kanuengnit ‘Nina’ Sae-Heng


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My guide was Nina and she was absolutely amazing.

She knew Bangkok like she built the place! We went to many different locations and had many amazing experiences that I would never have happened had I not had a local guide.

Also, she had detailed answers for all my questions, and I ask a lot of questions! Both thumbs way up! Highly highly recommended.

Don L. reviews Pudtipong ‘Jean’ Nawasornyuttana


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Jean is a fantastic guide. My group of 13 college students and faculty hired Jean for our first day in Bangkok.

My request to him was to primarily make my students feel comfortable in the city. I asked him show them how to use the public transportation system and also asked him to use the system to get us around the city throughout the day.

We hopped on and off the Sky Train, Metro and the River Express taxis like pros. He took us to an awesome food market and gave us an expert tour of the Grand Palace. After the palace tour, he took us to a fun restaurant to relax after a long, hot day.

My students thought our day with Jean was the best! Not only did they enjoy him as a person and knowledgeable guide, he made them feel comfortable with the city. They were confident from that point on.

Thanks Jean!

Shelley S. reviews Trin ‘Dew’ Nakprasert


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I was traveling for work through Bangkok and wanted to see the city over the weekend, so booked a tour through YTG.

This was everything I wanted – a personalized tour with a guide who knew the way around the city along with historical and present-day facts.

I had a wonderful time with Dew who knew all the best places to go and structured the day around what I wanted. Thank you, Dew!

Leanne E. reviews Pichit ‘Pete’ Saovana


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Pete was a fabulous guide. He started the day with a short history of Bangkok and the people of Thai.

He then wove information about the sites into this story… it was captivating and entertaining.

Pete shares his knowledgeable with passion and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend him.

Anita R. reviews Trin ‘Dew’ Nakprasert


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Es waren zwei perfekt geplante Tage. Wir wurden zu 1000% zufrieden gestellt. Dew war eine sehr angenehme Person, stets freundlich und aufgestellt. Die Tage in Bangkok waren einfach fantastisch.

Barbara T. reviews Kanuengnit ‘Nina’ Sae-Heng


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Our tour with Nina was just great!

She did a perfect job and we spent an unforgettable day with her in Bangkok.

Everything well and individually organised.

Barry G. reviews Natt Opasanon


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I had done quite a bit of research to find Natt since one of the primary objectives on this trip was to take our 2 granddaughters to ride and play with Elephants. I located Your Thai Guide and started a dialogue with Natt and we set up a perfect itinerary and with this included a day with the elephants.

Natt delivered and arranged a 4hour private time with 2 beautiful elephants. The girls spent 4 hours riding and going in the river with the elephants. They had a most fantastic time playing in the river with them and i had a great time photographing them. \

Natt was great we were with her 2+days and got to see all that we wanted and included some shopping as well. As far as her professionalism she was perfect always Pleasant, punctual, engaging and just the right amount of information.

Natt is a great find I absolutely recommend her and would absolutely use her on any future trips to Bangkok!! Barry G

Andy W. reviews Kanuengnit ‘Nina’ Sae-Heng


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Just wanted to say a big Thank You to our guide Nina for making our day in Bangkok.

We had great fun and it was so much better visiting with someone who was happy to talk much more about Thai culture, history and her thoughts on British fish & chips!

Thank you so much Sue and Andy.

Ricardo C. reviews Anjana ‘AJ’ Oonnanon


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AJ was great and very flexible!!! And the services were arranged easily with the coordinator from the central office.

Highly recommend the private guide services…

Randall B. reviews Natt Opasanon


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Natt is a very friendly, knowledgeable tour guide.  We had a wonderful time in Thailand, thanks to her.

I can sincerely recommend her services for that personalized touch.