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Our Small and Talented Team


Trin ‘Dew’ Nakprasert

Tour Guide License No. 11-42556

I am a man with a womens’ heart, but don’t let that define me.

Since I was young I have always loved to travel and learn about different places and cultures and I have also loved to be with visitors to my homeland of Thailand, helping them or giving them suggestions, especially visitors who are lost or finding their way on the streets.

I love learning from visitor’s experiences, different cultures and ideas and I love sharing my experiences with them too.

I have been a tour guide for years and love to give my new clients great trips and great memories. I am young and proud to welcome all my visitor friends to Thailand’s wonderful architecture, food and cultural events.

Please feel free to contact me and together we can create a personalized itinerary for your amazing trip to Thailand.

Dew is available 7 days a week from US$90 per day as a tour guide in and around the Bangkok area.

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JeanPudtipong ‘Jean’ Nawasornyuttana

Tour Guide License No. 11-34422

My name is Jean, you know, as in the trousers.

I still remember the day I made decision to be a tour guide, it was before the entrance exam in twelfth grade. There was a study group for Social Studies and I was responsible for tutoring my friends. Sounds like it should have been stressful and anxious as the most important exam in my life was just at the corner. However, I had a lot of fun, learning and sharing my knowledge about Thailand was very enjoyable.

I have been tour guide for over 6 years, have visited temples, palaces and markets hundreds, if not, thousands times. Having met uncountable numbers of people, and sharing what I know about my country and listening to my clients stories, is still as satisfying as the day I sat at the table and tutored my friends.

Be it the ornate temples and palaces of Bangkok, quite chaotic yet charming Floating Market, the glorious fallen ruins of Ayutthaya, or the memorable Bridge on the River Kwai; I would love to be your tour guide and make your trip to Thailand your everlasting memory.

Jean is available 7 days a week from US$90 per day as a tour guide in and around the Bangkok area.

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Guide_Swai_300x300Swai Hapoo-Riwat

Tour Guide License No. 11-32274

I have been working as Thailand local guide since 1994, I am very proud to show you the best of my country with interesting facts about local traditions, culture and history.

I was lucky and realized that my nature was to go outdoors and work like a free bird, not the type to be surrounded by walls. I am really fond of reading, traveling, hiking and photographing as well as learning about all cultures, tradition and history. Not just that of Thailand, maybe I can learn more about your home?

I enjoy walking, as you get to see more of your surroundings, from hidden isolated communities to the most highlight attractions.

Swai is available 7 days a week from US$90 per day as a tour guide in and around the Bangkok area.

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Guide_NinaKanuengnit ‘Nina’ Sae-Heng

Tour Guide License No. 11-46131

My name is Ngor-Ngae which I think is hard for you to pronounce, right? So please just call me Nina.

I found myself falling in love with the local history, traditional and culture as every place has its own charm. So during my studies I focused on travel and tourism and was very happy to receive my tour guide license giving me the
ability to do what I love.

I have spent over a year living in England after university, increasing my world view and improving my English, also during this time I met and made friends from many countries. Becoming friends with people is important to me as a tour guide, just as important as my knowledge about Thailand itself, to me it is part of being a good host.

I might not the most informative guide, if you after an in-depth history lesson, but I am a friendly, flexible and very helpful guide who will respond all your needs and be your close friend here in Thailand.

Nina is available 7 days a week from US$90 per day as a tour guide in and
around the Bangkok area.

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Sarayoot ‘Keng’ Preechaphuet

Tour Guide License No. 11-64128

Hi, my name is Keng and I’m an easy-going but focused kind of person. I used to live in the United States for many years as a student and then working hospitality. What a memorable experience I receive from the States, hanging out with my international collection of friends in national parks, going fishing, cycling and kayaking and so much more. I also learned a lot about the western levels of service and expectation.

After I returned to Thailand I missed meeting people from all over the world, and didn’t want to be stuck in an office. Therefore, I became a tour guide, allowing me to do what I love and learn new things, most importantly, to meet new people exchanging different points of view.

So if you’re looking for a guide that knows your language, understands your culture, and enjoy a good joke, I might be the one for you. I believe I have the ability to make your tour fun and still give you all the information you request to make your day great.

Keng is available 7 days a week from US$90 per day as a tour guide in and around the Bangkok area.

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recent_Natt300x300Natt Opasanon

Tour Guide License No. 11-51225

I would enjoy showing your family, group or just a single person around Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Petchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon and Surat Thani several interesting provinces outside of Bangkok to its West, South West and South.

Over the past few years I have spent time taking visitors to Thailand to many cool places in the South West, places that give a much better feeling of the true Thailand above and beyond the tourist traps of Phuket, Samui, Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Please feel free to contact me and we can work out some single or multi-day tours that might just change (or maybe enhanced is a better word) your experience of Thailand.

Natt is avaliable 7 days a week from US$90 per day as a tour guide in and around the Bangkok area.

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Wallop ‘Joke’ Kittiwititkun

Tour Guide License No. 11-37987

I’m Chok which when pronounced in Thai sounds a lot like Joke. So I tell my customers my name is Joker, easy for them to remember and sets a light and friendly mood.

Why so serious? Well I am about guiding as I love doing it, but does not mean we cannot have a laugh and enjoy ourselves at the same time.

I’ve been a guide for 5 years, before that I worked in customer service at the Bangkok international airport, so I’ve been dealing with travelers for a long time and I enjoy learning about their cultures as much as telling them about mine.

I would be very happy to take you on a private tour around Bangkok or even further a field. I enjoy adventure activities and getting out in the middle of it all, but don’t think I wouldn’t be more than happy taking you to a collection of temples and historical sites, I guess you could say I’m passionate about them all.

Joke is available 7 days a week from US$90 per day as a tour guide in and around the Bangkok area.

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guide_Pete_300x300Pichit ‘Pete’ Saovana

Tour Guide License No. 11-03894

I have been a tour guide for over 30 years; originally from Bangkok I moved to Chiang Mai and for many years took clients on trekking tours in and around the jungles of Chiang Mai province.

I am officially retired and I moved back to Bangkok to be with my family and grandchildren, but I’ve still got all the energy and enthusiasm I did from all those years ago.

I am an older but young at heart, just like some of the people I take on my tours, today I take tours purely for the pleasure of it, it is my choice (not my job) and I love to do it.

So, if you would like to visit location in Bangkok and any of the provinces in between here and Chiang Mai, please consider me.

I have been lucky, as I am often asked to speak to young tour guides in training at universities or colleges, I enjoy passing on my experiences to them, nearly as much as I like dealing with tourists.

Pete is available 7 days a week from US$90 per day as a tour guide in and around the Bangkok area.

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AJAnjana ‘AJ’ Oonnanon

Tour Guide License No. 11-31307

I am a cheerful tour guide who loves taking people out and always enjoys the company of my customers, most people call me AJ. I’ve been working as a guide since 2004 in various forms, one things is for sure, I would love to be your service and show you my beautiful country.

I spent a year or so living in London for study when I was younger, it greatly helped my English skills and also gave me an interest in travel and tourism.

Originally I completed my degree in Business but found that I did not enjoy office work, luckily I was able to move across to do something that I love; talking to people and a more active lifestyle… the life of a tour guide.

Being a mother myself, I am very happy with family groups, especially children of all ages. I’m a guide who only take you where YOU want to go, but personally I do like shopping and market and would love to show you around local sites in and around Bangkok.

I’m proud to be Thai and would to give you a glimpse of Thai life.

AJ is available 7 days a week from US$90 per day as a tour guide in and around the Bangkok area.

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