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Bangkok Big List of Entry Fees

step-3-logoIf you’re looking for inspiration for your private tour, this list of popular requests and also less requested but very interesting locations around Bangkok might be of use to you.

Of course we are not limited to locations on this list, but it is a good starting point when building your own custom private tour with us.


01wat-pho-your-thai-guideWat Pho / Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Price: 100 Baht per person (free entry for children under 120cms)
Open: 8.00am to 6.30pm
GPS: 13.746389, 100.493611

02the-grand-palace-your-thai-guideWat Phra Keaw / Temple of the Emerald Buddha
The Grand Palace

on the same day ticket can be used at Vimanmek Palace for free entry

Price: 500 Baht per person
Open: 8:30am to 3:30pm
GPS: 13.752275, 100.491235

03jim_thomson_house_500_500Jim Thompson House

Price: 150 Baht per person
Open: 9:00am to 6:00pm
GPS: 13.749127, 100.528635

04wat_arun_500_500Wat Arun / Temple of Dawn

Price: 50 Baht per person
Open:  8.30am to 5.30pm
GPS: 13.743889, 100.488611

05wat-trimitr-your-thai-guideWat Trimitr / Temple of the Gold Buddha

Price: Golden Buddha – 40 Baht per person / Museum – 100 Baht per person
Open: 8.00am to 5:00pm (museum closed  Mondays)
GPS: 13.738068, 100.513761

06temple-wat-saket-your-thai-guideWat Saket / The Golden Mount

Price: 20 Baht per person
Open: 7.30am to 5:30pm
GPS: 13.753864, 100.508097

07lad-mayom-floating-market-your-thai-guideLad Mayom Floating Market

also known as Khlong Lat Mayom

Price: Private Longtail boat fee is 3,500 Thai Baht up to 8 people
Open: open on weekend, public holidays only
GPS: 13.761719, 100.415790

08river-dinner-cruise-your-thai-guideChao Phraya River Dinner Cruise

Price: 1,800 Baht per person
Open: 6pm (sunset) and 8pm (night lights) meals

09wat-benchamabophit-your-thai-guideWat Benchamabophit / The Marble Temple

Price: 20 Baht per person
Open: 8am until 5:30pm
GPS: 13.766619, 100.514029

10wat-suthat-your-thai-guideWat Suthat and The Giant Swing

Price: 20 Baht per person
Open: 9am until 4pm
GPS: 13.751151, 100.501256

11queen-saovabha-snake-farm-your-thai-guide(Snake Farm) Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute

Price: 200 Baht per person
Show: weekdays 11am/2:30pm, weekends 11am only
GPS: 13.731693, 100.532207

12bangkok-canal-tour-your-thai-guideBangkok Canal Tour

– extended deeper into old Thonburi

– with Thai Traditional Puppet Show

Price: depends on duration of trip and number of people

13chinatown-your-thai-guideBangkok’s Chinatown / Yaowarat Road

Price: Free of Charge
Open: everyday
GPS: 13.741157, 100.508346

14ladyboy-cabaret-show-your-thai-guideThai LadyBoy Cabaret Show

Price: 1,200 Baht per person / 1,500 Baht per person with Dinner
Shows: 20:15pm and 21:45pm

15national-museum-your-thai-guideThe National Museum Bangkok

Price: 200 Baht per person
Open: 9.00am to 4.00pm
GPS: 13.757584, 100.492492

16prasart-museum-your-thai-guidePrasart Museum

Price: 500 Baht per person (minimum 2 people)
Open: closed every Monday
GPS: 13.742003, 100.653335

17muay-thai-boxing-your-thai-guideMuay Thai Boxing Match

Price: minimum 2000 Baht per person, ticket price based on who’s fighting
Open: 6pm
GPS: depends on day of week

18vimanmek-palace-your-thai-guideVimanmek Mansion / Vimanmek Palace

same day ticket can be used at The Grand Palace

Price: 100 Baht per person
Open: Tues-Sat from 8:30am until 4:30pm, Last entrance ticket sold at 3:30pm.
GPS: 13.774092, 100.512559

19chatuchak-market-your-thai-guideChatuchak Weekend Market / JJ Market

Price: Free of Charge
Open: weekend only
GPS: 13.799782, 100.550626

20royal-barge-museum-your-thai-guideRoyal Barges National Museum

Price: 100 Baht per person plus 100 Baht per camera
Open: everyday
GPS: 13.761946, 100.484600

21koh-kred-your-thai-guideKoh Kred

Price: Private Longtail boat fee is 5,500 Thai Baht up to 8 people or public transport
Open: everday
Duration: 7-8 hours
GPS: 13.912892, 100.490471

22bangkok-flower-markets-your-thai-guidePak Khlong Talat / Bangkok Flower Market

Price: Free of Charge
Open: best visited in the evenings
GPS: 13.740367, 100.497415

23platinum-wholesale-shopping-your-thai-guidePlatinum Wholesale Shopping

Price: Free of Charge
Open: everyday
GPS: 13.750307, 100.539408

24siam-niramit-your-thai-guideSiam Niramit

Price: from 1,500 to 2,350 Baht depending on selections
Open: every night
GPS: 13.767567, 100.577027

25erawan-museum-your-thai-guideErawan Museum

Price: 400 Baht per person
Open: 9am to 7pm
GPS: 13.628757, 100.589422


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