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Bridge over the River Kwai

Bridge over the River Kwai

Who does not know the famous movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai?” The much talked about bridge in this film is located in Kanchanaburi about 130 kilometers west of Bangkok. Though the original bridge was partly destroyed by a bomb blast, it was rebuild later to make it a historic location. The history of […]

Death Railway Train Ride

Death Railway train ride in Kanchanburi

One would think that an attraction called the Death Railway Train Ride will turn off a lot of people. However, this is not the case. After all, the train ride is a tourist attraction in itself. What is the Death Railway Train Ride? Basically, remainder of railway what the Japanese war machines was building during […]

Erawan Falls Kanchanburi

Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi

The Erawan National Park is one of the many wonderful national parks in Thailand. This park, in particular, encompasses almost 550 sq km of great mountain tops and valleys. The main attraction here is the Erawan waterfalls, which is of 7 levels and is without a doubt the most beautiful falls in all of Asia. […]

Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum and Death Railway

Hellfire Pass Memorial and Death Railway

During World War II the Japanese wanted to build a railway that would unite the conquered territories of Singapore and the current Myanmar through Thailand so they can quickly move troops and weapons through the jungle. Work began in 1942 with over a hundreds of  thousand of prisoner of war from different nationalities. By the […]

Elephant Village

Visit the Elephant Village

Traditionally, elephants used to be the regal transportation for the Royal families in Thailand. They were also primary in carrying woods from the jungles and for various other heavy duty works. But now due to diminishing natural habitats, these elephants can bee seen at sanctuaries called elephant villages. This place is a great tourist’s location […]

The Hindad Hot Spring

Hindad Hot Spring in Kanchanaburi Province

    TRANSCRIPT: Sawadee Ka, you are here with Natt from Your Thai Guide. Today we are in Kanchanaburi province, when we talk about this place more people will think about the Bridge over the River Kwai, Erawan National Park and the Tiger Temple, but what most people don’t that we still have another place […]