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Jane B. reviews Chris Varanon


This review was published on Viator

A traveler NEEDS a guide like Chris in Bangkok. This is a massively congested and complex city; a guide is necessary to get you to its treasures without getting trapped in traffic or lame tourist traps like Asiatique.

We were attending an Indian wedding and had very limited time to explore Bangkok. Time was at a premium, and the pressure was on Chris to pack a LOT of experience with a minimum of the usual dreary tourist business of waiting and frustration.

Chris delivered.

We learned a tremendous amount about Thai culture at our own pace; she knew when to talk and when to let us absorb what we were seeing. Chris expertly navigated water taxis, tuk tuks, got us past huge lines at temples, led us to tiny hole in the- wall restaurants which were SUPERB… while our friends made do with wedding guest tours.

They were hot and bored and mired in traffic for hours while we zipped through a private canal tour on our own teak boat, changing our itinerary at a moment’s notice.

We got to see glimpses of the real Bangkok beyond the sanitized precinct of our hotel.
It was wonderful, and simply not possible without our guide.

The fees are worth it. Don’t take on Bangkok without an efficient and passionate guide like Chris.

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