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Mark M. reviews Sarayoot ‘Keng’ Preechaphuet


This review was published on Viator

This was exactly what I was looking for. My tour guide was Keng and I really enjoyed him. My request was very specific; I wanted a male tour guide well versed in Buddhist symbolisms and architecture to tour 3 specific temples and help me understand what I was seeing.

Keng was a great fit. His English was excellent. He took the time to help me understand what I was seeing. He explained the economic and political aspects of the temples and shrines. He helped me understand the meanings behind the architecture of the specific shrines. He was personal and knowledgable and a very nice guy.

I was able to see exactly what I wanted to see and nothing that I didn’t care about. My favorite moment was sitting in the main temple at Wat Arun quietly and having Keng explain to me what I was seeing. Why was Buddha’s hands the way they were? What were those paintings? What are the smaller statues?

It was a very personal moment where someone was sharing the details of their religion to someone else in a beautiful setting. There was so much that I saw that I would not have understood or even noticed had I not been with a guide. The fact that I could personalize this tour with the places and the IDEAS that I wanted to understand further really made the experience for me.

This is why I chose this tour company, and they delivered exactly what I was looking for.

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